Yes, You can cancel the order anytime if you don’t need it anymore. But please keep in mind that we need to bear the shipping cost even if the package is returned back in the middle. If you can cancel it before the shipment is dispatched, it’s good for both. Otherwise we’ll take a hit by paying the shipping charge.

1. Is it a COD Order?

You’ll not receive the order and you don’t need a refund anyway.

2. Is it a Prepaid Order?

We would like to initiate refund immediately, but there are scenarios where we may not be able to stop the package delivery due to unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, we might need to wait until we get an update from the courier partner that the package is being returned to origin before initiating refund for your order.

3. Cancellation after delivery?

Oh Yes, It’s certainly possible. But we call it a Return instead of Cancellation. Please check the return policy.