7 days Refund policy

You can return the product received within 7 days and claim full refund of your order value.

1. Can I get Immediate Refund for my order?

We want you to be a happy visitor for our website. It’s highly unlikely a customer of us requests for a refund, but we can’t ignore this part. We’ll ensure that you’re happy as a genuine customer.

In case of RTO, we can initiate refund immediately.

In case of a Cancellation request, we can initiate refund if the package is returned back to the origin. RTO status should be updated in courier partner website. We initiate refund based on that information. For further details, you can check our cancellation policy.

In case of returns, you’ll get full refund once the product is received at our office and is inspected. In case the received product is not our product, we may deny refund. In case the product has any damage which is not related to manufacturing or processing fault and if it’s clear that it’s caused by customer, we may deny refund.